Transport and Infrastructure

Since 1980, EDECON has undertaken several transportation projects across Egypt and the Arab world including: Airports, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Roads and Utility Networks. The main services that we offer include: (Soil Investigations, Foundation Design, Structural Design, Materials Testing, Construction Monitoring / Material Testing, Surveying & GIS, Project Management, Geophysical). Select transport projects that EDECON participated in include:

Highlighted Transport and Infrastructure Projects:


The International Coastal Highway Section - Egypt

Geotechnical Investigation for the proposed highway between Al-Dekhila and Cairo- Alexandria Road.


Jizan Airport – Ground Improvement - Jizan, Saudi Arabia

Geotechnical Investigation for the proposed project. Geotechnical Report on Ground Improvement Using Dynamic Compaction. Study Date: 2012


Several Bridges across Egypt

Provided several geotechnical investigations for different bridges in Egypt.


Geotechnical Studies for Cairo Metro – Egypt

Conducted a geotechnical study for El-Marg Subway Station underground water Tank in 2011. Geotechnical study for Imbaba Workshops in 2019.


High-Speed Electric Railway – Egypt

One of the major (undergoing) Mega Projects in Egypt. We are providing geotechnical Investigations for limited parts of the project.


Utility Networks (Water, Wastewater & Electrical) - Several Projects – Egypt

Provided several geotechnical investigations for different infrastructure projects in Egypt.


Several Bridges in the Middle East

Provided geotechnical investigations for bridges in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Sudan.

Transport and Infrastructure Projects that EDECON Participated in also include: