Dr. Mohsen Mashhour, is currently an Emeritus Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at Zagazig University, and a renowned geotechnical consultant engineer.

Dr. Mohsen Mashhour, is currently an Emeritus Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at Zagazig University, and a renowned geotechnical consultant engineer.
He obtained his B.Sc in Civil Engineering from Cairo University in 1972, and his Ph.D. from Strathclyde University, U.K. in 1979.
He founded his own engineering consulting office; Engineering Design Consultants, EDECON, in 1980.
With more than 45 years of professional and academic work, he has thus gained a wealth of experience in the field of Geotechnical Engineering.
Since his early career as a consultant engineer in the 1980s and till now, he has been involved in numerous projects (including major national projects) in Egypt and different countries in the region including Oman, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Algeria. Providing different geotechnical engineering services including soil investigation, foundation design, shoring systems design, soil improvement, dewatering and more; serving various sectors including: residential, oil and gas, industrial, commercial, administrative, hotels and resorts, healthcare, education, transport, marine and coastal , governmental, military and others.


Preparing for a triaxial test, Building Research Center, Cairo, 1974


Visiting a field test of an embankment reinforced with geotextiles on soft clay at Manzala Marshes, Egypt, Fall.1975


University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Receiving a certificate of merit from president Anwar El-Sadat, Syndicate of Engineers , 1980

On the academic level Dr. Mashhour has been teaching geotechnical engineering courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students at Zagazig University since 1980. He supervised many Ph.D. and M.Sc, theses, published four books and over sixty research papers3, and has participated in several technical conferences.
He participated in a number of novel (avant-garde) researches in the early 1980s in geotextiles (soil inclusions), and finite element methods in geotechnical engineering.
Dr. Mashhour is a member of several scientific and professional engineering committees and organizations. He has been a member of the Egyptian Code for Soil Mechanics and Foundations Permeant Board Committee, and currently the chairman of the Problematic Soils Committee. In recognition of his contributions, he was awarded several awards, including the State Encouraging Prize for Engineering Science for 1994 - (جائزة الدولة التشجيعية في مجال العلوم الهندسية لعام 1994) by the Scientific Research Academy of Egypt . He has been also a member of the Permanent Scientific Committee for Structural and Construction Engineering, for promotion of Professors and Associate Professors in Egypt, from 2000 to 2013.


    Member, Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers M. ESE

    Member, Egyptian Society of Civil Engineers M. ESCE

    Member, American Society of Civil Engineers M. ASCE

    Member, Int. Soc. Soil Mech. and Geotech. Eng. M. ISSMGE

    Member, Egyptian Soc. Soil Mech. and Foundn. Eng. M. ESSMFE

    Member, Egyptian Society for Earthquake Eng. M. ESEE

    Member Geo-Institute, USA M. GI

    Associate Member, Institute of Highway Engineers, U.K. A.M. IHE


    1- A Course in Soil Mechanics, Zagazig Univ.

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    1- Housing and Residential Towers
    • 1000 residential units for army officers at El-Salam
    -Nile General Contracting Co.

    • Residential tower 22, Geziret El-Arab street Mohandessin
    -The owners

    • 39 buildings for Sakr Quraish Housing Society-Nasr City
    -Nile Co. for Supplies , Transportation and Services. -A Lokma Group Co.

    • Alexandria tower, Aswan square , Mohandessin
    -Alexandria Contracting Co .

    • El-Giza Plaza on the river Nile
    -Egyptian-Kuwaiti Reconstruction Co.

    • Residential and commercial tower 30, Gamet El-Dowal El-Arabia-Mohandssin
    -Prof Dr. Abdallah Abu-zid Consultant Office

    • Residential commercial tower, 1, El-Adel Abo Bakr street Zamalek, Cairo.
    -Eng . Abdel Hakam El-shabrawy

    • Residential tower at 243 Al-Horria Road, Sporting Alexandria
    -Amar Housing Co.

    • Residential compound of 6 Towers within Mostafa Kamel Officers Housing Compound, Alexandria
    -Great Projects Dept., Engineering Authority, Egyptian Armed Forces

    • Many towers in Lebanon street ( No 2,3,5amd 35) Mohandessin
    -Private Sector Owners

    • Many towers in Al-Thawrah street (No 24,48, and crossing with Abdel-Halim Hassan street, Mohandessin
    -Private Sector Owners

    • Many towers in Finny , Mossadek , Mohieldin Abol - Ezz, Shehab, and Syria streets Mohandissen
    -Private Sector Owners

    • Residential tower at 61 Al-Mirghani street, Helioplis
    -EGYPCO Co. for Investments

    • Low cost project of 440 and 720 housing units at Al-Nahda 3 and Al-Nahda 4 cities .
    -El-Abd Comtractins Co.

    • Al-Masryeen towers at Al-Messaha and Haroun Street Dokki
    -El-Masryeen Housing Co.

    • Many Towers in Heliopalis at Al-Andalos , Ahmed Tayseer, Makram Ebid and Salah Salem streets
    -Private Sector Owners

    • Many villas at new cities including El-Obour , New Cairo, El-Shorouk , Ahmed Orabi , 6 October and Zaied
    -Private Sector Owners

    • Many villas and housing buildings in the Holy city of Makkah , Saudi Arabia
    -Saudi Contractors Co.

    • Palm City residential towers at Qattamyah Cairo
    -Palm Co. for real Estate Investment

    • Residential tower Saray Al-Hadaek , Cairo
    -Al-Mohandosson Co.

    2- Public Buildings

    • Arab League Headquarter Extension Works
    -Riad Architecture Office.

    • Panorama 6th of October
    -Military Works Dept., Egyptian Armed Forces

    • Gymnasium and multipurpose hall at Cairo American College, Maadi
    -Butler Builders Co.

    • Transit Hall , Aswan Airport
    -Butler Builders Co.

    • Maternity Hospital , Ain Shams University
    -El-Nasr General Contracting Co. ( Hassan Allam )

    • Broadcasting Building , Luxor
    -El-Nasr General Contracting Co. ( Hassan Allam )

    • Extension of U.S. Navy Research Center , NAMERO, Abbassia, Cairo
    -U.S. Navy

    • Mansoura University Hospital
    • Amman International Hospital
    -Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Awadllah

    • Indian Embassy in Cairo
    -PACER Consultants

    • A French Embassy building 10 Sirilanka st . Zamalek, Cairo .
    -Engineering Consulting Office , Sabbour

    • Eastern Weavers H.Q. and Exhibition building at Heliopolis Sheraton , Cairo
    -Eastern Weavers Co.

    • Taba border office building
    -Engineering Consulting Office , Sabbour

    • Mubarak Cultural Center-Damanhour
    -Great Projects Dept., Engineering Authority, Egyptian Armed Forces

    • Centers of courts at Beni swif and Mahmodia
    -Ministry of Justice

    • Mubarak Hospital , North West Coast
    -Dr. Ahmed Farid Hamza , Arch Consultant

    • AL-Obor , and October whole sale fruit Markets
    -EL-Abd contracting Co.

    • Institute of Geophysical and Astronomical Observations at Helwan
    • Credit Agricultural Bank . H.Q . at Dokki
    -Architechture and Urbanism Group

    • Arcadia Mall and Commercial Center
    -Ahly for Real Estate Investment Co.

    • One Day Surgery Hospital at Wadi El-Natron
    -Urban Development Co. ( Seoudi and Partners )

    • Taking part with THE consultants in the project of Rehabilitation of the Diplomatic Club in Cairo
    -Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    • Diplomatic River Club on the Nile river at Monib , Giza
    -Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    • Marsa Alam Int . Air port
    -Emak Marsa Alam for Airport an Al-Khorafy Group Co.

    • Some buildings in Port Ghalib
    -Emak Co. , an Al-Khorafy Group Co

    3- Industrial Buildings

    • Bahgat Group Factories, 6th of October City
    -Bahgat Group Co.

    • Goldsar Factory 6th of October City
    -International Electronics Co.

    • Pacin Factory for Paint, El-Obour City
    -Bacin Co.

    • Paper Factory at Quesna
    -Nile Delta Co.

    • Misr-Sweden Co. for Paper Manufacturing, 6th of October city
    -Misr-Sweden Co

    • El-Sweidy Factory for Electric Cables , 10th of Ramadan city
    -El-Sweidy Co.

    • El-Sweidy Factory for Telephone Cables, 10th of Ramadan city
    -El-Sweidy Co.

    • Gillett Factory Cairo Alexandria Rood
    -Butler Builders Co.

    • Production Halls and Workshops, Port Saied Arsenal
    -International Co. for Structures

    • Abu-Zaabal Fertilizers Factory
    -El-Nasr General Contracting Co. (Hassan Allam)

    • El-Giza for Paint Factory 6th October city
    -Engineering Consulting Office (Sabbour)

    • Ultra Factory for elevators 6th of October city

    • Expansion of El-Nasr Co. for Manufacturing Glass and Crystal, Shobra El-Khima
    -Consultant Engineer Hamed El-Kaddah and Associates

    • Squibb- Egypt for Pharmaceutical Industries

    • Al-Haram, Giza
    -Squibb-Egypt Co.

    • OTSUKA , Arab-Japanese Co. for Pharmaceutical Industries, 10th of Ramadan city
    -Prof. Dr. Aly Abdel-Rahman Consulting Office.

    • Ceramica Cleopatra Factory (2) , 10th of Ramadan city
    -Ceramica Cleopatra Co.

    • Prima factory for ceramics , Sadat City
    -EGYMI Industrial Group

    • Silos and belt conveyor for Al-Rehab Saudi Co. For Mills at Damietta Port
    -Al-Rehab Saudi Co.

    • Silos at Port Said and El-Arish
    -Red Sea General Contracting Co .

    4- Touristic Projects and Residential Compounds and Resorts

    • Dream Land, 6th of October city
    -Bahgat Group Co.

    • El-Nassaiem compound, 6th of October city
    -October Co. for Development and Real Estate Investment

    • Sahl Hashish resort , Red Sea
    -Egyptian Co. for Touristic Resorts

    • Swissotel Hotel and Resort Sharm El-Sheikh
    -Scandinavian Co. for Touristic Development and Investment

    • Nemaa Bay resort and golf course Sharm El-Sheikh
    -ASCON Co.

    • Moran Resort-Sharm El-Sheikh
    -Regency Co. for Hotels

    • Bent El-Sultan Resort-Sharm El-Sheikh
    -Lina Co. for Touristic Development

    • Sheraton Hotel-Aswan
    -Kramico Contracting (A Swiss Co.)

    • Novotel Hotel-Luxor
    -Vintal Co.

    • Hilton Hotel, Marakia North Coast
    -El-Giza General Contracting Co

    • Regency Hotel, Cairo Alexandria road
    -Regency Co for Hotels

    • Extension of Sonesta Hotel, Cairo
    -Sonesta Hotel

    • Sakkara Country Club, Giza
    -The Owner

    • Regena Resorts, Hurghada, Nuweiba, Dahab, and Fayoum
    -Misr International Sinai Co .

    • El-Rehab Resorts, Mersa Matrouh
    -Al-Zahraa Co.

    • Onas Diving Center, Sharm El-Shaikh
    -Arch. Mahmoud Hussein

    • Luxor Palace Hotel, Luxor
    -The Owner

    • Luxor Plaza Hotel, Luxor
    -Victoria Co. for Hotels

    • El-Nakhil Compound, El-Sheikh Zaiyed
    -El-Gezira Co.

    • El-Nakhil Compound, Cairo Alexandria Road
    -Misr Co. for Development (Eng. Magdy El-sayed)

    • Diplomats Resort, Sidi Abd-El-Rahman
    -Cooperation Housing Society for Diplomats

    • Mohamed Aly Resort on the River Nile, Abul-Nomros, Giza
    -Architecture and Urbanism Group

    • Airplane Restaurant, Cairo Airport
    -El-saady Co.

    • Al-Soliamanyia Resort, Cairo-Alexandria Road
    -Eng. Soliman Amr

    • Greens Resort, El-Sheikh Zayed
    -C.R.C. (Hassan Dorra)

    • Amira Beach Resort, Ain El-Sokhna
    -Bin Laden Group

    • Coral Bay Resort, Sharm El-Sheikh
    -Al-Khorafy Group

    • 2 Melia Hotel, Sharm El-Sheikh
    -Sharm for Touristic Projects Co.

    • Palm Hills Resort, El-Sheikh Zayed
    -El-Ethadia for Real Estate Investment Co.

    • Qattamya Residence, Qattamya, Cairo
    -Ahly for Real Estate Co.

    • Qattamy Hills, Qattamya, Cairo
    -Ahly for Real Estate Investment Co.

    • Darah Gardens, 6th of October City
    -Ahly for Real Estate Investment Co.

    • Mall of Egypt in Dream Land, 6th of October City
    -Al-Fatem Group.

    5- Military Projects

    • Military City at Haykstep.

    • Communication Aerial Defense Building
    -El-Nasr General Contracting Co.(Hassan Allam)

    • West Alexandria Military Airport
    -El-Nasr Co. for Civil Works

    • Shooting Half Covered Field
    -Military Works Department, Egyptian Armed Forces

    • Greater Cairo Military Service Zone
    -Alexandria Contracting Co.

    • Main Store for Armed Vehicles at Haykstep
    WELCO Co.

    • Stores and Sheds for No 67 Armed Vehicles store at Haykstep
    -WELCO Co.

    • No.61 Store at Wadi Hoff, Helwan
    -WELCO Co.

    • Military Intelligence Headquarters Building
    -Military Works Department, Egyptian Armed Forces

    • Armed Forces Press Building
    -Military Works Dept., Egyptian Armed Forces

    6- Oil and Gas Projects

    • Total Egypt Alexandria Depot – Two phases
    -TOTAL Egypt

    • Middle East Oil Refinery, MIDOR
    -Techinp Italy S.P.A.

    • Alexandria Co. for Petrol Additives ACPA
    -ABB Petroleum

    • Many ESSO Petrol Stations Allover Egypt
    -ESSO Standard the Near East

    • Many Shell Petrol Stations Allover Egypt
    -Shell Marketing Egypt

    • Many Emarat Petrol Stations Allover Egypt
    -Emarat Masr Co.

    • Many Watania Petrol Stations Allover Egypt
    -Watania Co. for Petrol

    7- Marine and Irrigation Projects (Including Offshore Borings)

    • Taking part in the geotechnical investigation for the Project of Container Terminal Quay II at East Port Said
    -PACER and Royal Haskoning joint venture consultants

    • Al-Hamraa Jetty at Al-Alamin North West Coast
    -Red Sea Marine Services Co.

    • Marina Jetties at Suez and Hurghada
    -Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abul-Azm Consultant

    • Slipway for Ocean Classic Co. for Yachts at Suez
    -Bin Laden Group

    • Quay at Sahl-Hashish
    -Egyptian Co. for Touristic Resorts

    • Slipway in the Suez Canal Authority Arsenal at Suez
    -Canal Co. for Port Works and Major Projects

    • New Tawfiki Barrage
    -General Co. for Land Reclamation and Development

    • 7800 Feddans Land Reclamation Project at Om Khalaf, South of Port Said
    -General Co. for Land Reclamation and Development

    • Three bridges at the crossing of main roads and main Canals and drains at Damietta Governorate.
    -El-Nasr General Contracting Co. (Hassan Alalam)

    Laboratory and Field Testing
    Samples of the projects are listed below

    • Performing the full lab and field testing program for the Project of SOCO Company at Zeit Bay-Red Sea, Fully equipped site lab was provided.
    -Dames and Moore.

    • The project of Al-Hamraa Jetty, the North West Coast
    -Red Sea Marine Services Co.

    • Supervising the geotechnical investigation and field testing program for the project of South Cairo Electric Power Station at Helwan. General contractor Bechtel Int. Co .
    • Black and Veach as the Sabbour joint venture Consultants
    • Supervising the geotechnical investigation and field testing program for the project of Multi-Purpose Berth at Port Said port
    -PACER and PRC joint venture consultants

    • Supervising the geotechnical investigation and field testing program for the project of Development of Damietta Branch of the Nile River for Navigation
    -Pacer and German Consortium Consultants PRI

    • Lab and in situ testing for roads and soil replacement for El-Shararah Housing Society project at Nasr City, Cairo
    -Dr. Nabil Makhlouf, Consultant Office

    • Lab and Insitu testing for roads, soil and material quality control for many projects including El-Rehab, Palm Hills, Solaymanih, Marsa Alam International Airport, Nemaa Bay Golf Resort.
    -Owner companies

    • Pile Integrity Tests (PIT) on piles, (Sonic Tests) for several projects (e.g. micro wave towers at many locations).
    -United Co. for Contracting

    • Analysis of pile load tests for many projects.
    • Analysis of CPT and CPTU tests for many projects, e.g.:
    -Project of Water Treatment Plant at El-Mofti ,
    o Kafr El-Sheikh

    • Performing and analysis of plate load tests for many projects.
    • Setting Piezometers for ground water level detection and seepage analysis for many projects.