About Us

EDECON is a civil engineering consultancy firm established in September 1980. Offering engineering consultancy and materials testing services. Distinctively specialized in geotechnical engineering.


Engineering Design Consultants, EDECON, is a civil engineering consultancy firm established in September 1980. The type , size and number of projects undertaken by EDECON have been widely expanding ever since . Thus reaching a high and valued experience to date.

The scope of work includes most civil engineering sub-disciplines with a distinctive specialty in geotechnical engineering. However structural design, concrete and material testing , surveying , project management and real estate appraisal are in the core of our interest and experience.

EDECON has proudly held partnership and cooperation agreements with different construction companies, engineering consultants and drilling companies in Egypt and the Middle East Region. We held cooperation and partnership agreements limited to specific projects, as well as indefinite agreements where we served as the sole geotechnical expert / sub-consultant for a second party.


To be among the top civil engineering consulting firms in our region, providing best-value reliable solutions and continuously being a valuable asset to our stakeholders.


Providing services and solutions that meet highest standards and best practices, actively contributing in development while surpassing our clients' expectations.



Our experts have attained years of international academic and professional experience in their respective fields, and throughout the years, EDECON has successfully completed hundreds of geotechnical studies in countries such as Oman, Sudan, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Algeria and Zambia.


EDECON's technical staff includes highly-qualified, industry-recognized professionals with advanced degrees and decades of local and international experience in their respective fields. Our permanent staff includes registered civil and geotechnical engineers, geologists, field and laboratory technicians.


"One who is consulted is entrusted" In EDECON we believe that core values are the foundation of the consulting services that we offer. As professional engineers we must be always committed to codes of ethics. Integrity, quality, and reliability are among the main values that we strive to maintain with our clients, colleagues, industry associations and the community.


In EDECON we believe that commitment to values is the key to success and the prime quality that we strive to maintain without giving any tolerance to differ. Managing to attain an outstanding reputation throughout the years comes with a thorough commitment and meticulous work.


One of our main goals is to provide competitive rates without compromising the quality of our work. We endeavor to offer our customers efficient services for competitive prices without compromising the standards that we are committed to maintaining.


Maintaining the highest level of quality is essential in order to provide services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Because every project is unique, all of our work is subject to quality assurance measures.


Prof. Mohsen M. A. Mashhour: Founder and Chairman

Prof. Tarek Nageeb Salem: Geotechnical Consultant

Ibrahim M. Mashhour, PhD, P.Eng: Deputy Manager

Mostafa El Sayed: Lab Manager, Senior Geologist

Sayed Farid:Senior Technician and Soil Testing Expert